from mysipswitch to sipsorcery to play with the evils of google voice and silverlight

August 13, 2009

SIPsorcery on silverlight in virtual machine

SomberDarkness would have been more difficult for microsoft to pitch than SilverLight.  I’m less a fan of SilverLight than I am of Adobe AIR so all SIPsorcery will be happenning inside a VMware XP Pro workstation.

Aaron tonight posted a Google Voice with SIP sorcery tutorial.  Sadly SIPsorcery is not currently: service unavailable.

Google Voice App on sipsorcery

Is mouth watering… and likely more of an instant gratification that the google voice solution hacked out by Nerd Vittles for PBX in a flash… hopefully they’ll roll that into a new Orgasmatron build soon… maybe for one of them there netbooks? I know, I know, not enough power.

I assume free calls via the Callback mechanism on the Google Voice web site pays off by driving web traffic to the site.

Thing creepierly [sic].  Google loves to profile people.  Here is yet another tentacle into one’s digital soul.  If not web adsense ads I’m sure there are plenty of creepy goodies in the SIP chatter, plus real time RTP-transcription

Orgasmatron -> VNC -> HTC phone .. for tweaking

SIP app on HTC phone for dialing

Using widgets in ways other than intended is surely a delight, but waiting is not.  mysipswitch has been delightfully educational.  I’m looking forward to learning more of the dark art — though nowhere near as dark as ISDN.

Why is google not pushing RTP encryption

Why is google slow to correct DTMF hell?

Tip of the hat to Brring developers… SIP URI for the rest of us soon…

Where is IAX2 in the chaos?


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